About ME


My name is Alexis, I am 20 years old. I’m from a small town in Louisiana- yes a southern gal! I adore witty words & pretty things. I love dogs, my two dogs are my whole entire world they make me whole. I’m that crazy dog mom.

I was officialy diagnosed with Endometriosis a little over a year ago through surgery. You can read more into my story here.

I had no purpose when I created this blog. Heck I didn’t even think it would get any views. I did it for the soul purpose of needing an outlet. An outlet where people actually understood what I was going through. My favorite quote of all when it comes to dealing with a chronic illness “No one gets it until they get it” so I really needed to connect with my endosisters.

I started sharing my journey including everything I go through. The up and the downs of being in your twenties with a chronic illness.  I look foward to continue sharing my journey with you & to all my newbies thank you and welcome 🙂

Xoxo- A