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Endo Belly

What is EnDo BeLlY?

The devil if you ask me, Satan on his worst behavior.

But according to the internet and Amanda Malachesky, a Functional Nutrition Practitioner,  owner of Confluence Nutrition, and longtime endometriosis patient endo belly is –

“Like everything else with endometriosis, severe bloating, also known as “endo belly” can be complex and varied from person to person. This “endo baby bump” is often painful and uncomfortable, and can take a toll on self-image. “

“[Endometriosis] causes scar tissue that can bind up the abdominal organs and slow down the intestines,” she explains. “The second [reason] is that the endometriosis lesions can flare at different parts of the menstrual cycle, which can cause an immune response, which includes swelling.”

To me –

Endo belly is my worst nightmare. My back starts this raging fire feeling that I should not have the experience this young.

The cramps, omg the cramps in my lower abdomen are so painful I can’t even put it in to words, lets just say sometimes it brings me to tears.

As stated above, self image.

I feel bigger than I am. Can I lose a few pounds, SURE! But when endo belly comes on and the bloat is so bad that you feel pregnant (ironic as I may have trouble actually getting pregnant, a hateful symptom)

Along with being a hateful symptom, it’s also a kind of self satisfying one. It’s the one if not only visible symptom of endometriosis. Like hello my organs feel & look like they want to pop out my body, that is not normal.

Endo belly sucks, endometriosis sucks, nothings new tho, nothings changed.




2 Replies to “Endo Belly”

  1. Ugh I also have endo and am currently bloated like craaazy, so this makes me feel a ton better. I guess I didn’t even realize this was a symptom!

    1. survivingwithalexis says: Reply

      I call it a symptom for sure. Its certainly not normal. And you are not alone!!!! Ever 🌼💛😣

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