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Self love boo

You spent the holiday alone?!

Yes, I did. I learned so much is those last few months of 2018. Since 2015 I drowned myself in school work and I just wanted to make my momma and daddy proud so I tried my best. First of all, I went into the medical field for the money.. W R O N G!

It would have never worked out to begin with. I knew from the jump writing was my passion I love it but “they don’t make enough money” “you really wanna be a teacher?” You know the negative Nancy’s always in your ear..

One of the biggest things I learned was that we are going to DiE.. not to sound morbid but we are so what are we doing living for other people? Is that how we wanna go out? Never experiencing what happiness for yourself feels like? These past few months I did a TON of stuff my family hated but I try to make them realize people live differently than you and it’s ok. Just because you don’t like it does not mean someone else can love it. Don’t be selfish and make people feel bad for living THEIR lives.

(But at the end of the day people are RuThLeSs and that will never happen so you just gotta step on some toes to make YOU happy booo)

It’s been all about since the start of 2019. My hair is BLONDE if you would have told me a year ago my hair would be blonde I would have called you a freak because nOoo but I love it. I pierced my nose- LOVE IT. I got two, well three new tattoos and I love them and I plan on getting ONE more 😝

I choose me this year, this year is for me. I’m living my best life, FR!


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