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5 Things I’ve learned practicing yoga.

When I began my journey practicing yoga I had no idea what it was about. I started because of my endometriosis had put a halt on my weight training in the gym. I needed something to give me that amazing feeling of an escape like the weights did. I did much research on the different types of yoga and I’ve tried a little from each. I was amazed at how people where able to bend their bodies in such an amazing way.. I was so intrigued. I went into with a free mind, I was ready to learn and grow in my practice. I’ve been practicing for a solid 6 months, am I able to do it everyday.. no but when I am the escape is everything I need.

  1. Its so much more than the crazy poses. First of all, those poses are not as easy as they look. They take a ton of practice to be mastered. I’ve learned that the pose is not the goal. Looking cool doing it is not the goal. 
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  3. My First Day Practicing
  4. 2. Go to the mat to feel not to accomplish. GO to the mat when you are feeling low, stressed, anything go there to escape the crazy world around you. Go there to forget everything for 30 minutes and just focus on you and your mental health. The poses are cool and they will come with time.. just don’t make that your only goal or you are losing at the benefit of yoga practice. fullsizeoutput_5373. Find love for your body. Listen to your breathing.. focus on letting it go. Learn to love yourself again. Create a safe space for yourself. No one can harm you, let your walls down and free your mind. Shift your focus and you will grow.

4. You are way less flexible than you think you are. Yoga brings out muscles and stretching you didn’t even know where possible. The feeling of that stretch is one of my favorite. Elongating those muscles and limbs to feel it is the best thing ever. 

5. I have found so much more peace with myself. Like I said going into it there was no “goal” I just needed an escape, an escape from being ill and all the stress surrounding it. I never in a million years thought I would be a yogi. I never fully understood the concept and true meaning of it until I started researching and practicing myself. I’ve learned that you are going to fail, you are going to fall on your ass a couple of time, you aren’t going to master the pose on the first try and that mastering shouldn’t be your only goal because if it is you are missing the whole point. 

Practice yesterday, I have grown so much in this journey and my love for yoga will never die.

I encourage you all to try and practice. There are so many different forms of yoga- Vinyasa, Bikram, Yin, Restorative (my fav) you just have to find the one thats right for you and your journey. Wishing you all peace and zen!!! xxx


2 Replies to “5 Things I’ve learned practicing yoga.”

  1. This is great.

  2. I love your perspective and the gifts of yoga you are sharing! Namasté

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