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Pelvic Floor? Whaaaa!

At my recent appointment with my new gynecologist/surgeon I was informed that my pelvic floor muscles may be apart of some of my issues. Ok pelvic what?! 🤨


I mean I’ve taken college anatomy so I was aware of that there were muscles down there but not the specifics because I mean hello that’s not a usual thing most people deal with.

My doctor did an exam and by pushing on those muscles I felt pain. Extreme pain. I wanted to kick her-that’s how bad the pain was!!

After the exam she showed me a model of the pelvis and explained and pointed out to me the muscles she said she likes to think of it as a wallpaper which is a good way to think about it and explain it.


The reason she geared in that direction was because of the conversation we had before. She was very thorough and I was able to explain all my issues. I told her that I did have pain with sex and also compilations when wearing tampons- recently my tampons have bothered me so much to the point where I can’t even wear them anymore because the pain when I take them out is unbearable. Think of a pulled muscle in your vagina- that ain’t a pretty thought right?!

I honestly thought those issues were from my Endometriosis- see even I don’t know everything about endo it is truly a learning process even for us that have the disease.

But she informed me that Endometriosis has to be treated at a bunch of different angles. Meaning just surgery won’t fix everything like some doctors may think. In my case, I will be having my second surgery at the end of next month following pelvic floor physical therapy with the use of Vaginal Valium-yes you read that right. Trust me a blog post will be done about it in the future.

So, if you are having any of these issues I’ve mentioned above maybe ask your doctor if those pelvic floor muscles are unhappy like mine are and I’m sure a bunch of our other endosisters have this problem as well.. I know I will be looking for some blog post about it to learn more.

💛To my endosisters please make sure you make your doctor understand you and understand your problems because every one of us is different. Even if you have to do your own research and ask your doctor if that may help you. I hope these blog post help with that. I know a lot of endo blogs have helped me in that way.💛


PS: if you have gotten this far I love you and thank you so much for your support through this journey. I hope you continue to enjoy these post & happy reading


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