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ThermaCare Heat Wrap Review.

When it comes to pain we will do anything to find relief.

I saw Halsey tweet a while back about ThermaCare care heat wraps. She used the menstrual ones I can’t find them anywhere around me so I used the ones for back pain. I think they are basically the same thing I just wrap the part that is supposed to go on the back on my stomach.

I use these when I have to commute to school. I have about an hour and 30 min drive so these are just perfect for those mornings where I’m pain and just need some heat relief. Trust me if I could I would bring my heating bad everywhere but I’m sure I would get some odd looks. So these are the next best thing. You wrap them on your stomach pull your shirt over it and no one will even know it’s there! PERFECT RIGHT?!

I absolutely love these if you HAVE to get out of bed and leave the comfort of your heat pad. They get hot and are amazing for travel or if you are somewhere where you can’t just whip out a heating pad. Ok all in all I love them.

If you haven’t tried these out I definitely recommend them.


2 Replies to “ThermaCare Heat Wrap Review.”

  1. Hot tip: when I’m in an Endo flare I have back pain as well so I have a heated fleece blanket that I can wrap around myself. It basically acts as like a full body heating pad. Obviously not portable but it’s been so awesome for bad pain days when I’m stuck at home.

    1. I actually have one of those as well 🙂 I just wish it would get hotter!

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